Golden tickets
Sam Mendes will direct a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, set to debut in London in June 2013. [New York]

Maternal instincts
A mother cat takes a bullet to save her kittens — and survives. [Huffington Post] 

Simmering down
Charlie Sheen tells The New York Times that he plans to retire from acting after starring in FX's Anger Management. [The New York Times


London police are considering criminal charges against tennis player David Nalbandian after he angrily kicked an advertising board into a line judge's legs during a match. [Business Insider]

Jet-setting germaphobes
Researchers creep out travelers by announcing that hotel rooms are full of bacteria, some of it from fecal matter, and that the TV remote and light switch are the germiest parts of the room. [MSNBC]

American exceptionalism
A study finds that, while the United States makes up only 6 percent of the world's population, it accounts for almost a third of the world's obesity. [Newser]

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