A hip-hop "Tomorrow"
Rapper Jay-Z is reportedly writing new songs for a movie based on Annie set to star Will Smith's daughter, Willow. [NME]

A 9-year-old Scottish girl shames her school into providing healthier lunches when her blog about its sub-par food goes viral. [Consumerist]

The second amendment
Conservative news site the Daily Caller counts down the weeks to the presidential election by giving away guns engraved with the Bill of Rights. [The Daily Caller]


Primates on a plane
Passengers on a flight headed to China are delayed on the tarmac for four hours after a monkey escapes from its crate in the cargo hold. [New York Post]

Being fit for print
The New Orleans Times-Picayune announces it will cease daily publication, making New Orleans the largest American city without a daily newspaper. [Business Insider

Staying together for the cats
An Israeli man divorces his wife because he can no longer stand the 550 cats she keeps in their home. [The Frisky]

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