Child prodigies
A 15-year-old Maryland high school student creates a test that detects early-stage pancreatic cancer more accurately and cheaply than other tests. [The Daily What]

Weighty first impressions
A French company unveils business cards made of concrete. [Discovery News]

A leap of faith
A British stuntman becomes the first person ever to skydive successfully from a helicopter without a parachute, thanks to a special "flying squirrel" suit. [Tecca]


Catching up with classmates
Unabomber Ted Kaczynski creeps out his former college peers with an update in Harvard's alumni magazine that lists his occupation as "prisoner" and his awards as "eight life sentences." [Newser]

Chatting by the watercooler
A new study finds that office break rooms are loaded with more germs than the typical toilet seat. [Forbes]

Broadcasting restraint
NBCUniversal announces plans to televise 5,535 hours of London Olympic Games programming — roughly 2,000 more hours than were broadcast from Beijing. [Gawker]

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