Choosing comfort over aesthetics
Ubiquitous fuzzy boot-maker Ugg releases its "I do!" collection of wedding boots. [The Daily What]

Innovations in bovine butchery
Oklahoma State University is attempting to patent a new cut of steak called "The Vegas Strip." [Geekosystem]

Colbert's army
Stephen Colbert makes Maxim's top 100 hot women list thanks to loyal fans who fueled his write-in campaign. [BuzzFeed]


Close-minded air travelers
A passenger is booted from a plane in Brazil after he learns the pilot is a woman and makes a string of sexist remarks. [AP]

Leaving the lights on
New research finds that artificial outdoor lighting wreaks havoc on insect communities and could threaten entire ecosystems as a result. [Newser]

The healing powers of Pom
A judge rules that pomegranate juice maker Pom Wonderful used "deceptive advertising" to persuade consumers that its product could "treat or prevent serious diseases or medical conditions." [Business Insider]

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