Reverse psychology
New research finds that protests against JC Penney ads featuring lesbian moms and their children have actually bolstered customers' opinion of the brand. [Business Insider]

Sleeping with the fishes
A contracting firm releases its plans for a super-luxurious underwater hotel in Dubai. [The Daily What]

Immediate payoffs
The Obama campaign raises $1 million in the first 90 minutes after the president publicly endorses gay marriage. [BuzzFeed]


Blemishing the historical record
A Ferrari leaves skid marks on a 600-year-old wall in China while performing a publicity stunt atop the Ming Dynasty-era monument. [TIME]

Freedom-referencing milestones
New York's One World Trade Center may not reach its planned (and symbolic) height of 1,776 feet thanks to a decision to eliminate the cladding that would have surrounded its mast. [Gothamist

Treating class clowns like dogs
A Florida high school teacher is in hot water for forcing misbehaving students to wear a bulky plastic collar called "the cone of shame."[Opposing Views]

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