Happy endings
Two of the three freed American hikers who were held captive for several months in Iran marry in California. [TIME]

Getting angry
Rovio, the Finnish company that makes the confoundingly popular Angry Birds games, contemplates an IPO. Analysts say the company would be valued at up to $9 billion. [Geekosystem]

Dives of faith
A group of Saudi divers builds the world's first underwater mosque off the coast of Saudi Arabia. [Business Insider]


Easily embarrassed dinosaurs
New research finds that methane gases produced by farting dinosaurs may have caused an ancient episode of global warming and contributed to the species' own demise. [New Scientist]

Surviving the spotlight
Meow, the massive 39-pound cat who gained internet fame last week, dies of pulmonary failure. [BuzzFeed]

Keeping Wikipedia free
Two enterprising New Yorkers will write, research, and post a Wikipedia page about you or your business including all the required citations — if you pay them $300. [Newser]

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