Paying top dollar
Edvard Munch's ubiquitous The Scream sells for a record $119.9 million at auction, the largest sum ever paid for a painting. [Business Insider]

Using stand-up desks
A new study finds that a combination of computer use and physical exercise can ward off dementia. [Tecca]

Supermarket superfans
High school drama students in small-town Massachusetts herald the arrival of grocery chain Wegman's by writing an adoring musical centered around the supermarket. [Consumerist]


Cultural sensitivity
A Pop Chips ad starring Ashton Kutcher as an Indian man in brownface is pulled after complaints of racism. [BuzzFeed]

Staying one step ahead of Mother Nature
A new report finds that the weather satellites orbiting Earth are rapidly declining in both quality and quantity, and dwindling budgets mean they may not get replaced. [Newser

Creepy in-flight stunts
Virgin Atlantic serves its first-class passengers drinks with eerily realistic ice cubes shaped to look like Richard Branson's face. [Death & Taxes]

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