Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Last week's question: A national cable network is unveiling a new channel of programming exclusively for dogs. We asked you to come up with the name of the first hit sitcom from that network.


THE WINNER: The Real Bitches of The Jersey Shore
Karen Lang, Ocean, NJ

SECOND PLACE: Squirrels Gone Wild
Mark Pleimann, Colorado Springs, CO

THIRD PLACE: What Not to Chew
Teresa Toole, Nokomis, FL


Rex and the City
Lauri Pavlik, Selbyville, DE

The Big Bone Theory
Marsha Einhorn, New York, NY

Game of Bones
Kelli Newby, North Adams, MA

Gimme Kibble Live
Nicole Barens, San Francisco, CA

I Love Lassie
Doug Capers, Millbrook, NY

Mail Carriers of New Jersey
Kristen Woodward, Reading, PA

The New Adventures of Old Yeller
Patricia Michel, Northport, ME

Everybody Sniffs Raymond
Dan Polster, Parma, OH 

I Dream of Wienie
John Clark, Eaton, OH

Welcome Back, Owner
Pamela Traylor, Bloomington, MN

Heather Manone, Denver, CO 

How I Bit Your Mother
Ron Levovitz, Fresh Meadows, NY

Keeping Up with the Pomeranians
Mike Schneider, North Aurora, IL

Marmadukes of Hazard
Catherine Butler, El Dorado, AR

My Mother the Cur
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

How I Sniffed Your Mother
Andy Miller, Encino, CA

Larry Laughren, Spring Green, WI

Leave it to Retriever
Kristal Serna, Ann Arbor, MI

Doggie Houser, VMD
Louis Kleinerman, Audubon, NJ

The Westminster People Show
Paul Binder, Bellevue, WA

Shih Tzu My Dad Says
Tor Anderson, Overland Park, KS

Who Wants to Bite Their Owner?
Kenneth R. Updegrove, Cedaredge, CO 

Yappy Days
Larry Schaffer, Chino Hills, CA 

Law & Order: ASPCA
Joe Duax, New York, NY

So You Think You Can Bark
Cindy Huffman, Newark, DE

Everybody Loves Rover
Lisa Mayer, Las Vegas, NV

Desperate House Cats
David Katz, New York, NY

Terriers and Tiaras
Brenda Letts, Nashua, NH

Mad About Doo
J. Silverstein, Melrose, MA

Up All Night Barking
Tom Federico, Lyndhurst, OH 

Fido Knows Best
Pamella Capitanini, Chicago, IL

Sabrina, The Teen-Age Bitch
John Brophy, Corvallis, OR

I'm a Dog – Get Me Out of This Apartment!
Eunice Allen, Pittsburgh, PA 

"King"…from Queens
Carol Mayer, Casper, WY

Pimp My Hydrant
Alexandra Hunt, Seattle, WA 

Curb Your Rottweiler
Cott C. Straw, Wilmington, DE

Three's a Menagerie
Pat Westby, Paradise, CA 

Are You Smarter than a Malamute?
Bill Hays, Oklahoma City, OK