Being partially seductive
A new study finds that the left side of human faces is generally more attractive to others than the right. [Huffington Post]

Our robotic overlords
Research finds that test-grading robots can mark up students' essays just as well as humans. [The New York Times]

Pan-Pacific reunions
A Japanese teenager gets his soccer ball back after it washes up on the shores of Alaska — the first traceable debris from last year's tsunami to show up in North America. [Newser]


Manhattanites' egos
Newly-minted New York Jet Tim Tebow chooses to live in a condo in Hoboken, N.J., instead of New York City. [Business Insider

Single ladies
One in 10 single men would rather own the latest iPad than find a new lover, according to a new study. [Discovery News

Diplomacy in the House of Murdoch
The Simpsons celebrates Fox's 25-year anniversary by mercilessly lampooning Fox News on national television. [HyperVocal

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