Fitting tributes
The Times Square Alliance creates a "New Year's Eve Confetti Wishing Wall" where fans of the late Dick Clark can write notes that will become pieces of New Year's Eve confetti. [Gothamist]

Insect-averse coffee fiends
After fervent petitioning from customers, Starbucks agrees to stop using a red dye made from ground up bugs in its drinks. [TIME]

Libertarian gamers
A staunch Ron Paul supporter is making a Super-Mario-style video game starring the presidential candidate. [Business Insider]


A stoner tradition
The University of Colorado at Boulder attempts to quash students' annual 4/20 marijuana rally by putting a smelly, fish-based fertilizer on the field where the event takes place. [Newser]

Profitable commutes
The Emmy-winning Discovery game show Cash Cab is canceled, destroying New Yorkers' dreams of unsuspectingly stumbling onto a game show when they hail a taxi. [New York]

Detecting sarcasm
After joking about renting a billboard to help her prom queen campaign, a Texas high-schooler is mortified to discover that her mother did just that. [The Daily What]

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