Unlikely hobbies
A man paralyzed from the chest down takes up skydiving, kayaking, skiing, and Olympic torch-bearing. [The Daily What

Snoozing in Charlotte
The North Carolina city is ranked best in the country for quality of sleep, while Louisville, Ky., residents report the worst night's rest. [Discovery News]

The corsage-industrial complex
High school prom now costs a typical American family with a teenager an average of $1,078, up from $807 last year. [Newser]


Walmart's rep
Researchers discover that communities with a lot of big-box stores are more likely to have a higher-than-normal number of hate groups. [Newser

Mother Nature's peacekeeping
Homicide rates climb in several major cities, and criminologists suspect it's at least partly due to mild winter weather, since "there's greater opportunity for conflict than when it's cold and windy." [The Daily

It's a myth that women and children are allowed off first when ships sink, according to a new study. Women and children are more likely to die than men, and captains and crew survive more often than passengers. [Discovery News

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