Astronomical accuracy
After the persistent badgering of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, James Cameron edits a scene in Titanic to reflect the historically accurate placement of stars in the night sky. [The Daily What]

Young job seekers
A new report finds that the class of 2012's average starting salary is $44,442, a 6.6 percent increase over the reported salary of the class of 2011. [Business Insider]

Lucky finds
A British man buys a $2 million sketch by Andy Warhol for $5 at a garage sale. [Death & Taxes]


Separating the holy and profane
A priest in Northern Ireland mistakenly shows gay pornography during a presentation to families before their kids' First Communion ceremonies. [Newser]

Dope-smoking backpackers
The Netherlands is considering a new law that would bar non-residents from legally buying marijuana. [Gothamist]

Vitamin-D-deprived toddlers
Half of preschoolers don't go outside with a parent on a daily basis, according to a new study. [Discovery News]

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