Expanding the franchise
American Idol is set to launch a Kohl's clothing line called "Authentic Idol." [Advertising Age]

Leading by example
Israel bans underweight models from the runway to help change the fashion industry's perception of beauty. [TIME]

The Big Dog
The Little Rock, Ark., Airport Commission unanimously agrees to rename the town's airport the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. [Washington Post]


Nicotine addicts
The World Lung Foundation reports that tobacco-related deaths have nearly tripled in the past decade. [Reuters]

The deep blue sea
A new study finds that, unless action is taken, climate-change-caused damage to the world's oceans could reach $2 trillion by the year 2100. [New Scientist]

Football purists
Unconventional quarterback Tim Tebow, loathed by traditionalists, is traded to the New York Jets, ensuring that he'll remain in the media spotlight for the foreseeable future. [Business Insider]

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