A new survey about social media finds that 81 percent of women trust Pinterest over Twitter and Facebook. [Business Insider]

Rookie racers
A 25-year-old becomes the youngest musher ever to win Alaska's grueling Iditarod sled race. [Newser]

Ice-cream equality
Ben & Jerry's re-names an ice cream flavor "Apple-Y Ever After" in support of gay marriage in England. Yes, we find the name a little inscrutable, too. [The Blaze]


Artistic license
After a public outcry, Red Bull South Africa pulls an ad that facetiously suggests the energy drink helped fuel Jesus' miraculous walk on water. [The Daily What]

The legacy of print
The Encyclopaedia Brittanica announces it is retiring its print editions after 244 years of publication. [Discovery News]

Petty crime
New York is poised to become the first state to require DNA samples from anyone who commits a crime, no matter how minor. [WNYC]

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