Jet-setting shopaholics
Delta Airlines gives passengers free in-flight access to so they can browse the Amazon store or buy an e-book from 30,000 feet. [Discovery News]

Electronic bedfellows
A study finds that 68 percent of tablet owners snuggle up to their device in the bedroom. [Huffington Post]

Consumer confidence
New data shows that February had the largest uptick (1.1 percent) in retail sales in five months. [Consumerist]


Sparing a square
Trenton, N.J., faces a toliet paper shortage as the cash-strapped city government battles high prices for paper products. [Newser]

Drinking on the job
Prince Harry's Army superiors order him to quit boozing if he wants to get back to training in Afghanistan. [Telegraph]

Corporate friendships
Yahoo sues Facebook, accusing the ubiquitous social network of infringing on Yahoo's "social networking" patent. [Death & Taxes]

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