Living like Carrie Bradshaw
The West Village townhouse used for exterior shots of Carrie Bradshaw's house on Sex and the City is on the market for $9.6 million. [Jezebel]

Tech-savvy felines
Cat-food maker Friskies debuts an iPad game for cats and their owners at South By Southwest. [BuzzFeed]

Small-screen science
Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking is set to make a cameo in an upcoming episode of CBS' hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. [New York Post]


J.K. Rowling
The Harry Potter novelist was notably absent from Forbes' billionaires list this year; the magazine says her sizable donations to charity and Britain's high tax rate are to blame. [Business Insider]

Treating the homeless humanely
An advertising agency is accused of exploiting the homeless for concocting a stunt called "Homeless Hot Spots," in which homeless people function as 4G wireless hot spots at Austin's South By Southwest festival. [Huffington Post]

Black-market cleaners
Law-enforcement officials are perplexed by a crime wave involving Tide laundry detergent. The soap is being sold on the black market and used as currency in drug deals across the country. [The Daily]

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