Jersey Shore's most popular boozer Snooki confirmed a torrent of speculation by announcing in this week's Us Weekly that she has a meatball in the oven. (The issue's cover screams, "OMG! I'm pregnant!") Her hit MTV reality series is airing its fifth season, with no confirmed plans yet to film a sixth. Snooki is arguably the show's biggest ratings draw — but can Jersey Shore survive if she takes time off to be an abstemious mom?

Jersey Shore is done: Jersey Shore can't continue with Snooki while she's pregnant, and certainly not when she's actually a mom, says Kortney Shane Williams at Comedic Prose. The best thing about the series is "Snooki's ability to down tequila shots like a sorority girl being hazed" and the comedy of errors that inevitably follows. Audiences would just squirm at the sight of Mommy Snooki indulging in such antics.
"Snooki's pregnant? Hopefully this is the end of Jersey Shore"

And Snooki's done, too: Forget Jersey Shore, Ronn Torossian, CEO of PR agency 5WPR, tells The Huffington Post. Snooki's entire career is over. Domestic life will fatally compromise her brand. She's not "diverse and developed enough" to move from the drunken partying market to the "Mommy space." No company will pay her to hock family products.
"Snooki's engagement, pregnancy to ruin her career?"

Snooki's not going anywhere: Are you kidding, asks Amy Kuperinsky at the New Jersey Star-Ledger. A spin-off on Snooki's family life is a foregone conclusion. Expect to see a reality hybrid of Teen Mom and Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which followed Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's early marriage. Such a show would chronicle Snooki and fiance Jionni's "diaper changes and sleepless nights, instead of Jell-O shots and sleepless nights." In the "age of the Kardashians," anyone with an ounce of notoriety is almost guaranteed a reality show. Snooki's no different.
"Snooki's pregnant and engaged. Will Jersey Shore survive?"

And there may be one more season of Jersey Shore: Rumor has it that MTV will film a sixth season of Jersey Shore this summer, says The New York Post's Page Six. You can see why: Even with slipping ratings, the show is still the network's flagship program. How would a pregnant Snooki factor in? Maybe the mother-to-be will just "pop in from time to time."
"Snooki bump in road for MTV"