95-year-old brides
With a combined age of 193 years, eight months and three days, two Californian newlyweds break the world record for oldest combined age of any couple on their wedding day. [TIME]

Lonely drivers 
Mercedes Benz announces it will integrate Siri, Apple's voice recognition technology, into its new A-class line of vehicles. [Discovery News]

Charlie Sheen
The former Two and a Half Men star appears in two well-received new commercials for Fiat and DirecTV. [Newser]


Getting away with it
German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble is caught solving a Sudoku puzzle during a parliamentary debate on the Greek bailout and future of the eurozone. [The Daily What]

The internet Powers That Be
Mozilla unveils a browser add-on that allows web users to see which companies are "watching" them as they browse. [Daily Mail]

The makeup business
Mary Kay, Estee Lauder, and Avon face allegations that they test their products on animals, despite labeling their cosmetics as cruelty-free. [Jezebel]

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