The public sector
A new survey says Americans on the government payroll are among the happiest employees in the workforce. [Forbes]  

Late-night cravings
A Beverly Hills bakery opens the world's first-ever cupcake ATM, dispensing the freshly-baked treats 24 hours a day. [The Daily What]

Contraception's defenders
The Senate rejects an amendment that would have exempted employers with "moral objections" from having to provide employees with health insurance covering birth control. [Washington Post]


Space-age security
A new report finds widespread security lapses at NASA, including the loss of a laptop that contained the codes used to control the International Space Station. [Discovery News]

Urging kids to slim down
Disney World closes its controversial childhood obesity exhibit after critics complain that it stigmatizes fat kids. [Associated Press]

Wild ideas
Tactless conspiracy theorists allege that President Obama was behind the surprising death of conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart. [BuzzFeed]

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