Kicking and screaming
Security cameras catch a 7-year-old girl successfully fighting off a would-be kidnapper in Walmart. [Opposing Views]

Lovers who love carbs
Pizza Hut offers $10,010 engagement packages, complete with ruby ring, limo service, fireworks, a photographer, and a $10 Pizza Hut dinner box (including a pizza, breadsticks and cinnamon sticks). [The Daily What]

Chinese worker rights
More than 250,000 Apple users sign two petitions demanding that Foxconn, the world's largest electronics manufacturing company, improve working conditions for employees. [The Consumerist]


Love at first click
A study concludes that online dating is no more likely to produce stronger long-term relationships than meeting someone in a bar. [The Daily]

A new poll shows that 43 percent of Americans would be happy to replace their Congressional representatives with random strangers. [Business Insider]

Frisbee fans
A new ordinance bans beach-goers from throwing anything other than a beachball or volleyball on Los Angeles beaches between Memorial Day and Labor Day. [Newser]

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