Eli Manning
A survey finds that married women would rather have an affair with the New York Giants quarterback than New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. [Opposing Views]

Bouncing back
Freestyle snowmobiler Colten Moore breathes a sigh of relief after surviving a 120-foot fall from his snowmobile during the Winter X Games. Moore still went on to win the gold metal. [Huffington Post]

Stressed travelers
The San Francisco International Airport opens a yoga room for fliers who need a moment of zen. [TIME]


Diplomatic immunity
The UN receives an unexpected (and presumably unintentional) delivery of 35.5 pounds of cocaine wrapped in a fake diplomatic sack. [NPR]

Separating church and school 
A 16-year-old Rhode Island high school student gets death threats after successfully suing her school to take down the poster of a prayer that had hung in the cafeteria since 1963. [New York Times]

Eating your words
East Haven, Conn., Mayor Joseph Maturo receives hundreds of tacos from immigration activists who were incensed after Maturo responded to a question about what he would do to help the Latino community by saying, "I might have tacos when I go home." [The Daily What]

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