The video: An unusual new commercial for a Brazilian school that teaches English is dividing critics. (Watch the video below.) In the ad for the country's CCAA school, two young male plane crash survivors wash up on a deserted island paradise populated by dozens of scantily clad Megan Fox clones, all played through special effect wizardry by the alluring Transformers star. "Finally, our wait is over," the leader of the Fox tribe says to the new arrivals, in English. "Please, please talk to us." When the two boys can only speak Portuguese, Fox banishes them to a scary island inhabited by Mike Tyson and his menacing clones.

The reaction: The ad is "absolutely bonkers," says Emmet Purcell at Joe. There "are thousands of better ways" to attract students to a language school than this "bizarre" advertisement. It may seem a bit nonsensical, says Kurt Schlosser at MSNBC. But it's actually "a clever spot that plays in any language." After all, says Leah Simpson at The Daily Mail, "if enjoying life on an island inhabited by Megan Fox clones isn't enough to encourage adolescent boys to learn another language, then nothing will." See for yourself: