Finishing what you started
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords completes the "Congress On Your Corner" event that was violently interrupted a year ago by the shooting that killed six people and nearly took her life. [The Daily What]

Two Japanese brothers find each other after nearly 60 years apart. The brothers were born in California, but were separated as children when their father died. [Huffington Post]

Tweeting in Chinese
A Chinese microblogging site — China's alternative to Twitter — shatters the record for the average number of tweets per second. During the Chinese New Year, an average of 32,312 messages were sent per second. [TIME]


Forgetting your mistakes
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams receives death threats after fumbling two punt returns, one in overtime, that cost the team its Super Bowl chances. [Opposing Views]

Rand Paul
The Kentucky senator and vocal TSA critic is detained by the TSA in the Nashville airport after setting off a full-body scanner and refusing a pat-down. [Business Insider]

Vacation planning
The cruise line that operated the ill-fated Costa Concordia ship offers victims 30 percent discounts on their next cruise, as long as they travel with Costa Cruises. [Newser]

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