Political fashion statements
You don't have to love GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum to appreciate the man's obsession with sweater vests. But if you want to own one, you'll have to show your support. The campaign will reward donors willing to pony up $100 with one of Santorum's signature sweaters. [USA Today]

Jay-Z and Beyonce have reportedly already spent more than $1 million on their newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Their purchases are said to include a crystal-studded high chair and a solid gold rocking horse. [Newser]

Second acts
After years of trouble with the law, the scandal-stained actress Lindsay Lohan may be making a comeback. She is reportedly slated to play the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in a new project. [Celebuzz]


Judge Judy
A 62-year-old woman in Florida was charged with aggravated battery after she allegedly attacked her husband with a hammer. According to the police report, the woman "was upset because Judge Judy was on the television." [The Smoking Gun]

Having cake, eating it too
The TSA is defending its decision to confiscate frosted cupcakes from a woman at the Las Vegas airport. "This wasn't your everyday, run-of-the-mill cupcake," an agent says. The cupcakes were packed in a jar that also contained icing, which apparently exceeded the TSA's limit for "gel" allowed in carry-on luggage. [Jezebel]

Canines' calming influence
A new study shows that the average dog causes three family arguments every week, or nearly 2,000 family arguments over the course of each dog's lifetime. [Telegraph]

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