The video: Casey Anthony is back in the spotlight — at least on the internet. In her first public appearance of any kind since being acquitted in July of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, Anthony opens up in a rather "mysterious" YouTube video diary that was posted this week, although apparently recorded in October. (Watch it below.) "It's just a little surreal how much things have changed," says Anthony, sporting a new cropped, dyed-blonde hairstyle and thick-rimmed glasses. The Florida woman goes on at length about how pleased she is to have a new camera, phone, and computer to call her own as she serves out the rest of her probation for check fraud — and about how she's adopted a dog. During the four-minute video, Anthony makes no explicit mention of the murder trial, or her deceased daughter.

The reaction: Anthony, who was once "the most hated person in the country," has apparently found "solace (and/or attention) in the place where being hated is a sort of currency: the internet," says Joe Coscarelli at New York. But I'm not totally convinced. Isn't it possible that the "incognito Casey" in this "strange" video is just a "stellar impersonator"? Well, if it is real, this video is "a huge red flag," says The Superficial. It's outrageous that Anthony doesn't even talk about the daughter that "the state of Florida botched proving she killed." Outrageous, maybe, but hardly surprising, says Wendy M. at Babble. Did anyone really expect Anthony to simply "vanish into the woodwork" after being aquitted? See for yourself: