The video: Kim Kardashian isn't the only reality star being accused of faking out her fans. This week, comedian Sean Klitzner took to his web show The Fixify to prove that at least one scene in Jersey Shore was staged. (Watch the video below.) Klitzner breaks down the scene, in which an Italian bar patron appears to throw ice at Snooki and her pint-sized doppelganger Deena, prompting a screaming Snooki to go on a bottle-breaking rampage. Among Klitzner's revelations: An earpiece-wearing, walkie-talkie-toting producer actually threw the ice; the bottles Snooki smashed were mixers strategically planted along the bar; and the whole affair appears to be completely (and not-so-carefully) orchestrated.

The reaction: "Who didn't know that all these reality shows are staged?" says Darren O at Starcasm. But "believing something and knowing something" are two different things — and this proves "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Jersey Shore is phony. Klitzner's argument is "pretty convincing," says Molly Friedman at Wetpaint, but "we have a few issues with his analysis." Because we don't actually see the ice thrower in action, we can't absolutely say it was the producer. Plus, it's fairly common for bartenders to line their mixers up on the bar for easy drink-making. Either way, says Warming Glow, the Jersey scene could teach Klitzner a thing or two about crafting a viral video. His own clip forces viewers to endure a full minute of unfunny intro before he gets to the juicy stuff. See for yourself: