The video: Four entrepreneurial teens learn financial lessons, money management skills, and receive business advice from the Oracle of Omaha himself, Warren Buffet in the new animated web series The Secret Millionaires Club. The goal is to teach young kids good financial habits at an early age by tackling relatable problems, such as a low-performing lemonade stand or a troubled bicycle shop. Sunday's premiere features a guest appearance by another high-profile mogul, hip-hop king Jay-Z, who briefly mentors the students: "As a team you can put your interest in business to good use," he says. "That's what I've done." (Watch the video below.) The show's three-minute episodes can be viewed on The Secret Millionaires Club website — which, fittingly, even features a stock exchange ticker (prices are in Buffet Bucks).

The reaction: This show is "awesomely dorky," says Alyssa Rosenberg at ThinkProgress. "Adorable multi-racial moppets" who hang out in a secret clubhouse in Warren Buffet's office? It's "pretty strange," but at least the series "respects kids' intelligence." And as it becomes harder for parents to shield kids from financial stress, it's not the worst idea to "explain things like why it makes sense to wait to buy a new Wii." Look, says Jon Bershad at Mediaite. "I fully support this show and everything it aims to accomplish." But I simply "can't stop laughing." Jay-Z is an awful voice actor. See (and hear) for yourself: