The NBA announced earlier this week that the first two weeks of its 2011-12 basketball season will be canceled, after the league's players and owners failed to reach a new labor deal. Here, a by-the-numbers account of how that adds up in terms of lost revenue for the players, the league, and the vendors dependent on the games:

$4 billion
Annual NBA revenue. The major point of dispute in negotiations is how to share that revenue.

Total number of games scrapped by canceling the first two weeks of the season

About $1 million
Amount in revenue the Sacramento Kings lose per canceled game, says CBS News, an amount typical of most small-market NBA teams

Amount lost in ticket sales per canceled game

Amount loss in parking revenue per canceled game

Amount lost in vendor sales per canceled game

$350 million
Amount per month the players will collectively lose during the lockout

$1.9 million
Amount Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant loses because of the two-week cancellation, according to Brian Reed at The Post Game — the most of any player.

$83.5 million
Value of Bryant's three-year contract. While it's hard to label multimillionare NBA players as victims, says Reed, "it is also difficult to imagine losing a paycheck that amounts to an unfathomable fortune every two weeks."

$1.7 million
Amount Washington Wizards star Rashard Lewis loses because of the two-week cancellation

$22.1 million
Amount Lewis typically earns each season

$807 million
Amount advertisers spent on NBA broadcasts last season, a number that dwindles with each cancelled game, says Kimberly Nordyke at The Hollywood Reporter

Days the previous 1998 NBA lockout lasted

Days the current NBA lockout has lasted so far

Number of regular season games each team ended up playing during the 1998 season

Number of regular season games each team was scheduled to play during the 1998 season, the same amount originally scheduled for the current season

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