Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Last week's question: Mexico City legislators have proposed a new law allowing couples to place time limits on their marriage contracts. What will it say on the wedding cake of a couple that chooses to marry for only two years?


THE WINNER: May it seem like forever
Clayton Schulz, Louisville, KY

SECOND PLACE: Till dos do us part
Paula Haugle, Elmwood, WI 

THIRD PLACE: Consummate before 10/30/2013
Thomas McCoy, Kansas City, MO 


Uno - Dos - Adios!
Janine Witte, New Hope, PA

Uno, dos...no trace
Karen Shepherd, Social Circle, GA

I deuce!
Michiele Shaw, Silverdale, WA

We do.... sort of.
Sheryl Ryckebusch, Lantana, TX

After dos, Juan goes
Philip White, Fresh Meadows, NY    

Many Happy Returns
Adam Turteltaub, Encino, CA

Who’s Next?
Don Seiler, New Braunfels, TX   

2 good 2 be 4ever
David Kowalski, Milwaukee, WI

Only 730 Days to Go!
Pierre Allen Hill, York, PA

To have and to hold / Before you get old
Joe Abbott, Chico, CA

My love for you will last dos anos / But then we will need separate banos
Joe Carinci, Sacramento, CA

A hundred weeks would be too few / To carry all my love for you... 104 is about right.
Marv Toyer, Carlsbad, CA

Love me true / But just for two
Tom Skopal, Bethlehem, PA

After deuce / I'm cutting you loose
Jeff Clark, Oakland Gardens, NY

One for the money, two for the show/ After that, it’s time to go
Michael D Whitehead, Brighton, MI

If wedded bliss you don’t attain / In 2 years you'll try again
Annette Kirschner, New York, NY 

For right now, we extend our best wishes / But in two years, one of you gets the dishes
Barbara Abner, Johns Island, SC

A special world for you and me / A special bond one cannot see / We are each other’s sweetest dear / But in two years, I’m outta here.
David Levin, Edgewater, MD

It's Complicated
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

Limited Wedding Congratulations to the Party of the First Part and the Party of the Second Part
Christina Heinsman, Whitestone, NY

To the loving couple with the short little span of atten...
Alan Parven, Commerce Twp., MI

Good luck for a while!
John Parry, Laurel, MD

2 hearts, 2 lives, 2 years
Wendy Thomas, Glenwood, NJ 

Hasta la vista, baby
Tom Moore, Ft Worth, TX

This two shall pass
Steve Kaplan, St. Louis Park MN

There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Nik Patel, Tewksbury, MA 

Dos Ex-es
Matt Raab, Beverly Hills, CA

Are you starting to look yet?
Dean Hartwell, Glendale, CA

Congratulations on your two-year leash
John Fessler, Chino Hills, CA

Eat Dessert First
Judy Schreyach, Arlington, TX

For better or else...
Adam Allert, Austin, TX 

To the best years of your lives—both of them!
Tom Haydock, Hartland, CT

Let’s move it, folks!
Dave Rapp, New City, NY

Pablo! Call me in two years. Maria
Eric Pott, Kalamazoo, MI