The image: Emoticons, those cute, if not always endearing, little faces that people use to enrich their emails and text messages, are hitting the road with a new device called the "Drivemocion." An LED circuit board that attaches via suction cup to a car's back window and is operated by remote control, the Drivemocion comes programmed with 16 messages to express a wide range of driver emotions, including remorse (SORRY, when cutting off another driver), lust (a smiley face with hearts for eyes), worry (SLOW DOWN), and, of course, anger (BACK OFF, or a peeved frowning face). There's even a message that might actually prove useful: HELP.

The reaction: It's wonderful to be able to "clearly express yourself to other drivers," says After all, says The Awesomer, there are times when you really need to "give your middle finger a rest." But before you order one, check your local laws; the gadget "may not be legal in your state," says Christina Ortiz at Discovery News. See the Drivemocion in action: