The wedding of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and NBA journeyman Kris Humphries incited a media circus over the weekend, with the ceremony on Sunday routinely referred to as "America's version of the Royal Wedding." Kardashian — who's become famous for being, well, famous — is a frequent target of mockery, and the reported $10 million price tag attached to the weekend's lavish festivities didn't exactly quiet her critics. Here, some of the best jokes pegged to her "ridiculous" nuptials:

History lesson
"What were you doing at 6:37 PDT Saturday," asks Caroline Bankoff at New York. "For the sake of your future grandchildren, try to remember." Otherwise you'll have nothing to report when they inevitably ask, "So, where were YOU when Kim Kardashian's wedding began?"

William and Kate, who?
Meet "America's version of a Royal Family, the Kardashians," says Kate Ward at Entertainment Weekly. "Who needs a dashing prince and his demure bride when you’ve got a former sex tape star and her boyfriend of less than a year?"

Classy all the way
E!'s first official footage features "a diamond-draped Kim jostling her cleavage against an extra-tight-faced [stepdad] Bruce Jenner," says Maureen O'Connor at Gawker. And were the guests given a dress code? It looks like they "were required to wear black and white, and to display 10 square inches of cleavage each."

Picture perfect
Sadly, it was a "disappointingly pratfall-free ceremony." says Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel. From the black-and-white dress code — "just like Beetlejuice would have wanted" — to Kardashian's two dress changes — "three additional gowns would have been just gauche" — everything appeared exactly as the bride must have dreamed.

Our Rome moment
Good Morning America called the nuptials "America's Royal Wedding," tweets Modern Family writer Danny Zuker. You know, "in case you were looking for something to write in America's obituary."

Modesty rules the day
The wedding's price tag was leaked to let the family brag about the ceremony's extravagance, says Linda Holmes at NPR. "Consider these details the equivalent of getting married while dancing around a giant laundry bag full of $100 bills that has been dangled from a hook and set on fire."