The video: Consumers who crave the latest high-tech gadgets — and are willing to pay the price — can't make do with an ordinary flush toilet. Luckily, Kohler has introduced the Numi toilet, a $6,400 commode that not only includes a bidet, dryer, and deodorizer, but also comes with a foot-warmer, programmable sound system and an "intuitive" lid that automatically opens when you approach. (View video below.) What's more, the pricey pissoir is all controlled with a touch-screen tablet control panel. "It's an emotional sell, but it's also a very advanced technology sell for those individuals who want the latest, the best in the world in terms of design and technology," says Kohler president, David Kohler. "It's got a huge cool factor."
The reaction:
"Unless you're a Saudi oil sheik, lottery winner, or generally filthy rich person, you won't be considering a toilet that costs half a year's rent," says Sam Biddle at Gizmodo. That said, this one is "spectacular." Yeah, "the toilet didn't make our recommended list, in part because of its steep price tag," says Daniel DiClerico at Consumer Reports. But it does do far "more than your average commode." I've got one gripe, says Scott Stein at CNET. "I did feel a bit weird about using the touch-tablet in a bathroom setting. Maybe this is a toilet that calls for some antibacterial screen wipes." Check out the Numi: