Every June or July, Apple fans are typically greeted with the release of a new iPhone. But this year will probably be the exception. Reportedly, the company has not started production on the iPhone 5, or even released a production plan to its suppliers. So, when are Apple enthusiasts like to get their shiny new smartphones?

The iPhone 5 will be out by year's end: A June launch seems nearly impossible, but it's a "good bet" that the iPhone 5 will still be out in time for the holiday shopping season, says Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune. "But with a pack of Google Android phones breathing down its neck, Apple can't wait forever."
"Waiting on the iPhone 5"

Or it could be early 2012: A pre-holiday launch could "damage the iPad 2's chances as a hot Christmas gift," says Rick Aristotle Munarriz at The Motley Fool. That could push the iPhone 5 into early 2012. But if that's the plan, Apple will have a hard time selling iPhone 4s when everyone's waiting on the iPhone 5. And "iLoyalists" have come to expect regular, annual upgrades on their gadgets. Will members of the cult of Apple lose the faith?
"Winners and Losers of an iPhone 5 Delay"

Fear not, the elusive white iPhone 4 is coming soon: We've heard that Apple "will start selling a white version of its iPhone 4 in the next few weeks," while the iPhone 5 will likely come out in September, say Tim Culpan, Adam Satariano and Greg Bensinger at Bloomberg. And "adding a white model may help spur demand as Apple works on the next generation of its top-selling product."
"Apple is said to be ready to sell white iPhone model after 10-month wait