For those who tweet too much when they drink, an iPhone can be a dangerous accessory. Enter "Last Night Never Happened," an app that, with one click, erases all your tweets and Facebook posts for whatever chunk of time you specify. 22-Seeds, the company behind the innovation, says iPhone users need such a "morning-after app" since they're 27 percent more likely to humiliate themselves online than the desktop-bound. Is it safe to bring your iPhone to the bar again?

Where has this app been all my life? Finally, a solution after "several long, MySpace/Twitter/Facebook faux pas-riddled years!" says Maressa Brown in The Stir. The app isn't perfect — it doesn't, for example, delete Facebook status updates, the one area where I most need damage control — but having an "insurance policy for your social media life" is just "incredibly useful overall."
"'Last Night Never Happened' app eases your walk of shame"

No app can "protect you from your (drunken) self": "I like to drink and I like to tweet," but I can't imagine using an app like this, says Alison Hallett in The Portland Mercury. LNNH and other products designed to save you from your drinking habits — hello, iPhone breathalyzer — "generally strike me as gimmicky and a little bit sad." You tweet it, you own it.
"Can technology protect you from your (drunken) self?"

But it might save your job: Sure, "you'll still have to live with the shame of your intoxicated antics," says Terrence O'Brien in Techilicious. And you'll still have to "ask very nicely" if you want your friends to erase their own photos of you falling off the barstool. But at least the evidence of your debauchery "won't be on Facebook for your family and employers to find."
"Last Night Never Happened app erases embarrassing posts"