The video: After chaperoning a group of penguins to San Francisco for a science convention, SeaWorld employees decided to live a little and let the flightless birds loose on the commercial flight home. (See video below.) Southwest Airlines passengers flying to San Diego — where the birds were on their way back to SeaWorld — were witness to a group of penguins (otherwise known as a waddle), roaming up and down the aisles like portly, tuxedoed flight attendants. "Now I've seen everything," one passenger said.
The reaction: "If this cuteness was on my airplane," I might not complain as much about the "handsy TSA," says April Pevetaux at The Stir. "Incidentally, this is the only living creature... that was comfortable with the amount of legroom on the flight," says Brian Balthazar at Pop Goes The Week. Check out the penguins at 30,000 feet: