Days after Charlie Sheen became a Twitter phenomenon — he reached 1 million followers in under 24 hours, a record — he quickly turned it into a money-making venture. His first sponsored tweet (for was a March 7 call for a social-media intern. "I'm looking to hire a #winning INTERN with #TigerBlood," the star tweeted. The winning candidate will monitor social media, "prepare for exciting online projects, and increase Charlie's base of followers." TMZ reported that over three days Sheen received more than 74,000 applications from 181 countries. But really, who would want to work for Sheen? Here are some reactions to the swarm of applicants:

Some economy we've got
"How bad is the current job market?" says the Associated Press. "At least 74,040 people would like to work for Charlie Sheen."

Choosing will fry Sheen's already addled brain
"With so many worthy potentials, it's going to take some deep, hardcore thinkin' on Sheen's part" to pick just one, says Nicholas Sandford at Celebrity Dirty Laundry. "Uh oh."

"Charlie, we really do worry about you," says Christy Choi at TIME. But even we have to admit — "this Twitter stunt is pure marketing genius."

Do your homework, kids
When asked about the risk of working for a man who has exhibited a range of volatile behavior in recent weeks, an representative said, "We always encourage candidates to research the company and position they're applying for."

Some advice for the winner
"Capturing Sheen's voice won't be easy," says Gary Clapp, a social-media expert, as quoted by AOL News. A good starting point would be to "drink a lot before you tweet."