Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is notoriously guarded and private, but maybe the young billionaire is finally showing his softer side. Zuckerberg and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, are the proud parents of a two-month-old Puli Hungarian Sheepdog named Beast. Naturally, the little white fur ball has its own Facebook page, complete with more than 27,000 fans. Beast is sharing intimate family photos, and posting messages like "I just took a dump and made Mark Zuckerberg pick it up. It was glorious." The adorable new arrival and his formidable social media presence has commentators cracking wise. Here, a sampling of wit:

Ulterior motives
"I trust no one will attempt to offer the beastly view that this is some kind of PR caper," says Chris Matyszczyk at CNET. "There have surely been enough of those already."

Unique skill set
The dog was selected based on his "great herding skills and ability to make Mark look more like a human being and less like an automaton," says Drew Grant at Salon. Also, he can "code like the dickens."

What's in a name?
"The couple named the puppy Beast. We were hoping he would have gone with Bark Zuckerberg," says TMZ. Whatever the pup's name though, he's one "LUCKY son-of-a-bitch."

Sins of the father
"True to form, Zuckerberg has already grossly violated the poor dog's privacy by creating a Facebook page for him, complete with photographs and a bio," says Max Read at Gawker. "Did Beast even consent to this? Who filled in Beast's personal information?"

Really now...
"Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend have a new pooch you can man's-best-friend!" says Nick Greene in the Village Voice. "Christ, these words are going to be recorded for posterity."