The story: The words of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address are carved onto the walls of the Washington D.C. memorial bearing his name and likeness. But if you're visiting, don't give in to the urge to read those words aloud — especially if you are dressed as Honest Abe himself. That's what Philip Howell, 25, did on Presidents' Day, dressed in Lincoln's trademark top hat and suit, before being stopped by a park ranger for failing to hold the necessary permit and fined $50 for attempting to solicit donations for his performance. "It does seem a little ironic that the 'Land of the Free' cannot be so free at times," Howell said.
The reaction:
I can understand the government wanting groups to apply for a permit, says Chris Bounds at Liberty Juice, "but one person is hardly a group." Howell was basically reprimanded for speaking aloud. "Has that been deemed inappropriate by Park Police? Apparently so." If Lincoln was alive today, how might his address go? wonders Doug Powers at "Four permits and seven illegal speech citations ago..." Watch a video of Howell getting nailed by the Park Police: