The bizarre saga of Oscar-nominated actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi continues. When we last checked in with the Quaids, they were seeking asylum in Canada; losing half a million dollars in bail for skipping out on a court date in Santa Barbara, Calif., where they've been accused of felony vandalism; and talking to Vanity Fair about the "shadowy cabal" of murderous extortionists called the "Hollywood Star Whackers" that were after them. Now, it looks as though the Quaids will be staying in Canada for good. Yesterday, the quirky couple announced that Evi had won Canadian citizenship, and Randy would be allowed to stay as well. Here, a brief guide:

Why did Evi get citizenship?
Evi was granted Canadian citizenship because her father was born in Canada. Evi announced that she has also filed an application to sponsor Randy for citizenship.

So Randy can stay in Canada, too?
Yes. At a press conference yesterday, the actor said Canadian authorities had allowed him to stay in the country indefinitely, even though he has yet to be granted citizenship. "Today, we are here to say thank you to Canada. Thank you for your warm welcome, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to live in peace," he said.

But aren't they still wanted in the United States?
Yes, the Quaids still face felony vandalism charges in the U.S., and they could still be extradited, according to one California official. However, one of the Quaids' lawyers says he doesn't believe the charges against the Quaids are subject to extradition.

Has there been any more talk of the "Star Whackers"?
No. They were not mentioned at the press conference on Wednesday. But one of the Quaid's lawyer said the couple feels "safe" in Canada.

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