The video: Detroit needs help, and Eminem's inspirational Chrysler ad may not be cutting it. So the social-networking masses have come together to insist on a statue of RoboCop, the policeman-turned-cyborg who (violently) cleaned up the city in the classic 1987 movie. The idea of a RoboCop statue began as a joke, but when Detroit Mayor Dave Bing shot down the idea on Twitter, he unwittingly gave it a big dose of publicity. A group of science-fiction fans, artists, and business leaders has come together to raise cash for a statue, and now the mayor says he'd consider using public land for it. (Watch a news report below)
The reaction:
It's not surprising that the mayor wasn't initially enthusiastic, says Noah Joseph at Autoblog, given that RoboCop depicts "a crime-ridden metropolis run by corrupt officials and a privatized security force." But giving the robot hero his tribute could give Detroit "a great tourist destination," says Zach Oat at Television Without Pity. Indeed, "more cities should put up statues" of their less-than-angelic icons. For instance, how about Scarface's Tony Montana in Miami? Check out this video about Detroit's RoboCop statue idea: