In the past week, teen idol Justin Bieber has launched a "systematic invasion of all forms of media," says Entertainment Weekly's Adam B. Vary. That includes prominent guest spots on "Saturday Night Live," "The Daily Show," and an upcoming one on "CSI," plus appearances on the talk show circuit and a Super Bowl ad with Ozzy Osbourne. If New York Knicks fans' reaction to Bieber's presence at a game last week is any indication, that's too much Bieber: They booed him when his face appeared on the Madison Square Garden scoreboard. Are we forcibly overdosing on Bieber?

Beiber is "overexposed": The 16-year-old's management has failed to balance his public exposure, says Aisha in Zimbio. As the Knicks fans' booing shows, Bieber "is simply out there too much, and a backlash has ensued." If the "unsavory people" at his record label and management company don't tone it down, Bieber is well on his way to "disaster."
"Justin Bieber booed in New York due to overexposure"

Bring on the Bieber: "Overexposure" may be be the greatest danger to his young career, says Marco R. della Cava in USA Today, but Bieber's not there yet. Like all child stars, Bieber has two key issues to face: "Is there real talent behind the dizzying packaging, and is the inner circle supportive and selfless?" So far, the answer to both is yes, and Bieber will continue to shine.
"Teen idol Justin Bieber plans for a long career"

This is just a bump in the road: It can't have felt good to have his very "existence" booed at an NBA game, says Mandi Bierly in Entertainment Weekly. But Bieber's "momentarily bruised ego" was probably soothed by "the young girl bawling feet from [him], overwhelmed by merely being that close to Bieber."
"Bieber booed at Knicks game. Funny or sad?"