The image: For blue bloods who want to soak up the opulence of Monaco from the comfort of an insanely sumptuous cruise ship, good news may be on the horizon. British-based Yacht Island Design has designed a $1 billion, 500-foot-long "hyper yacht" called The Streets of Monaco. The yacht, described by the company's director as a "floating city," would include a private submarine and helipad; a three-floor, 48,000-square-foot master apartment; and even a "Monaco Grand Prix-inspired go-kart track zooming through a tunnel complex running around the deck," reports The Sun. Still, the ship will remain a mere concept until "a client with a big enough wallet" to build it steps forward, says Forbes.
The reaction
: "Why would you want a race track on a sea vehicle?" says Raymond Wong at DVice. Because "someone rich enough could probably afford to build one." But no matter how many luxuries the yacht boasts, says Leo Hickman at The Guardian, its over-the-top design proves the old adage that "money can't buy you taste." Check out an image of the extravagant craft: