The video: Yesterday's Giants-Vikings football game was postponed after an intense snowstorm caused the Minneapolis Metrodome's inflatable roof to collapse in an "apocalyptic" manner. (See clip below.) A weekend snowfall of nearly two feet proved too much for the stadium, tearing its roof apart and releasing an avalanche of snow onto the field. The entire collapse was caught on the stadium's indoor cameras. The rescheduled game will be played in Detroit this evening.
The reaction:
Viewing this incredible footage is like "watching the Hindenberg blow up in real time," says Andy Hutchins at SB Nation. The incident may end up as "the single most memorable thing to happen in the world of sports in 2010." The collapse is convenient — maybe too convenient— for Vikings star quarterback Brett Favre, says Ben Yakas at Gothamist. His record 297 consecutive game streak looked like it might come to an end due to injury, but now Favre has an extra day to rest up before the game. "Has Brett Favre been colluding with Mother Nature?" See for yourself: