The video: Does the relatively brief life of 16-year-old pop idol, Justin Bieber, merit a 3D documentary film? (Watch the rousing trailer below.) Bieber, who's been called the "biggest pop star ever launched by YouTube," apparently thinks so. On top of his recently released best-selling memoir (watch a dramatic reading here), the well-coiffed singer is documenting his life story in a 3D movie called Never Say Never, hitting theaters on Valentine's Day weekend 2011. Judging from the teaser, the film promises vintage shots from his childhood, concert footage, and unrestrained fan testimonials.
The reaction:
This trailer is "ridiculous," says Katla McGlynn at The Huffington Post. Wasn't his memoir "enough indication of Justin Bieber's hubris"? I wouldn't say that, says Eric Ditzian at It uses "an interesting narrative technique, one with both points of convergence to, and deviation from, previous concert doc trailers." The film's "never give up on your dreams" message is commendable, says Krystal Clark at ScreenCrave, but Bieber's young fans need a reality check: He isn't another John Lennon, guys. Check out the trailer: