The video: While some airlines are contemplating standing-room only flights, New Zealand Air is going in the opposite direction. Starting in April 2011, the carrier will begin offering a "cuddle class" — that is, a row of three economy seats that transforms into a couch for couples "to relax and stretch out in, or for the kids to use as a play area."
The reaction: " No word yet on how much cuddle class will cost," says David Lazarus at the Los Angeles Times, "but it seems like a swell way to make long-haul flights more palatable." It's precisely that issue of cost that makes me skeptical, says Hank Campbell at Science 2.0. Married couples probably aren't going to be that excited about such close quarters — and "will young couples buying coach pay for 3 seats instead of two?" I'm doubtful. See "cuddle class" in action beginning at 0:35 in this Air New Zealand video: