Utah police are investigating Kody Brown, 41, the Mormon patriarch at the center of the TLC reality show "Sister Wives," and his four significant others to establish if they have committed felony bigamy. Though the four women all consider themselves his wives, he is officially married to only one of them. The Browns, who collectively have 13 children, say they are "disappointed" by the investigation. Do they belong behind bars?

A crime is a crime: Unlike the stereotypical polygamist, Brown is not guilty of abusing "child brides," says Linda Evans at CNM News Network, but just because he and his wives are all consenting adults doesn't mean they shouldn't be punished. "Under Utah law, their family lifestyle is illegal." Letting them get away with it, "for all the world to see," would set a "dangerous precedent."
"Sister Wives TLC Series: A bigamist lifestyle investigated"

The police should ignore this happy family: It's no wonder the cops don't like "Sister Wives," says Jessica Grose at Double X. It portrays polygamy in a "pretty glowing — and mesmerizing" manner. It's all "strangely wonderful in a bizarro fantasy world kind of way." Though you suspect these women didn't have much of a choice, the Browns are clearly very happy. Do we really need to punish them for it?
"How The TLC show Sister Wives makes polygamy seem appealing"

They don't need to go to prison... they're already there: The Browns deserve one another, says blogger Michael K at Dlisted. If these four women are fine with sharing bedtime duties and begging their ad salesman husband for "a few quarters" whenever they need to go to the store, then "more power to them." Living in this "human circus" is surely punishment enough.
"Kreepy Kody and his sister wives are under investigation"