The National Football League is investigating reports that New York Jets players sexually harassed Ines Sainz, a former Miss Spain who covers professional football for Mexico's TV Azteca. While some prominent sportswriters have castigated team members who allegedly taunted Sainz with catcalls in the locker room, other commentators fault Sainz for wearing skimpy clothing inappropriate for any workplace, including a locker room. (Broadcaster Rush Limbaugh has chimed in, saying Sainz was showing off how "booty-licious" she is.) Here's how the debate broke down: (Watch Sainz's defense)

No sympathy for Sainz here: Sainz is hardly a crusader for women's equality, says Thomas Kinslow at Bleacher Report. She dresses and acts like a sex symbol because that's how she sees her job — two years ago at the Super Bowl, she wore a low-cut top and measured the players' biceps. Maybe the players would treat her differently if she could "focus on the actual games instead of the size of athletes' muscles."
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Sexism has no place in sports: This issue is obviously "bigger than Sainz," says Kevin Blackistone at Aol's Fanhouse. It doesn't matter how she dresses; it doesn't matter that she was once Miss Spain; it doesn't matter that she's not a superstar in the world of sports journalism. "Women in journalism, or any line of work, shouldn't be subjected to... sexual innuendo for any reason," and the NFL needs to stamp out this disgraceful behavior, now.
"Ines Sainz issue shows us why sexism doesn't belong in pro sports"

Everybody needs to grow up: "I'm sympathetic to the issues on both sides," says Cindy Boren at The Washington Post. The players have no right to ogle women reporters as if they were Playboy bunnies. But women have to be sensitive to the fact that they're being allowed into locker rooms, which may make some players uncomfortable. It's basic decency to "dress appropriately" and professionally. But, good grief, "I really thought this issue was settled decades ago."
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