Breast cancer awareness is a popular cause — but the latest campaign has hit a snag. A nonprofit group, the Keep a Breast Foundation, has been selling $4 colorful wrist bands with "I love boobies" printed on them. But school principals in at least five states have either banned the bracelets or told students to turn them inside out, on the grounds that the wording makes them inappropriate for an educational environment. The Keep a Breast Foundation says the mini-scandal only proves the bracelets are worth wearing, because they're getting people to talk about the cause. Should the "boobies" bracelets be allowed in schools? (Watch an MSNBC discussion about the bracelet ban)

Schools are silly to object: Maybe some kids are just wearing these bands because they say "boobies" on them, says Ron Hogan at PopFi. But "who cares?" The bracelets are getting out an important message. Besides, students are exposed to "much worse things than breast-themed bracelets" at school every day.
"Boobies bracelet banned by schools"

The bracelets are offensive: Sorry, but I find these wristbands "tasteless" -- but not because they have the word "boobies" on them, says Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon. Like the "Save the Boobies" campaign before this one, the Keep a Breast Foundation's little gimmick "reduces women to their breasts." That's offensive to anyone who has ever been stricken by this disease, or lost a loved one to it.
"Why I do not '(heart) boobies'"

A compromise is in order: Cancer's the enemy here, says Emily Gordon at LemonDrop, not the people using sex to sell awareness, and not the people who are offended by it. "Perhaps a compromise? Maybe it's time to start a campaign of 'Save these breasts, save the awesome woman behind them.'"
"'I love boobies' breast cancer campaign sparks outrage"