Do you find playing with your kids more of an obligation than a diversion? If so, you're not alone. In a new British study, "The State of Play, Back to Basics," one-third of parents admitted that the activity left them bored. The study of 2,000 parents and 2,000 children also found that one in five parents had forgotten how to play with their kids — and one in ten children realize Mom and Dad think playtime is dull. Is it natural to find child-level amusements a bit dull, or are parents too self-involved?

Sometimes, playtime is best for one: Believe me, I love spending time with my daughter, says Carolyn Castiglia at Babble. But when it comes to doing something like coloring together, "I cringe." The truth is, there are plenty of things kids can be doing on their own. And that's okay: "It's called My Little Pony, not Our Little Pony, for chrissakes."
"Do you think playing kid games is boring?"

Play with your kids while you still can: Those special years where you can play with your kids end quickly, says Sarah Taylor-Spangenberg at ZeldaLily, so why not take advantage of them? Even if you can only spare 20 (yes, often repetitive) minutes, for a lot of kids, "any attention garnered from their caretakers is considered enough to make it a great day." Still bored? "Consider not having kids that second time around."
"Some parents think playing with their children is boring as hell"

Lazy parents need to find time for their kids: We've become a "lazy society," says Hannah Davies at The Journal. And sadly, "our idleness is spilling over into our relationships with our children." One of this study's more telling findings is that parents think they ought to play videogames with their kids, while children want to carry out "more traditional pursuits" with Mom and Dad. Get off the sofa, parents!
"Playtime essential for parents as well as kids"