Apple CEO Steve Job took the stage at the company's Cupertino, CA, headquarters on Friday in an attempt to quell the furor over the iPhone 4's widely-reported "Antennagate" reception problems. While Jobs repeatedly insisted that most customers are not affected ("there is no Antennagate") — and that the media has irresponsibly hyped the issue — Apple has agreed to give every iPhone 4 user a free case, which reportedly solves the problem. "We want every user to be happy," said Jobs, and if the free cases don't make them happy, "we’ll give them a full refund." Did Jobs satisfy Apple's critics?

Close, but no cigar: "I'm not sure" if Apple's done enough to "put out the fire," says Dwight Silverman in the Houston Chronicle. I "agree with Jobs that the problem is overblown," but it still "is a problem." And giving away free cases is simply "a workaround." Apparently, Apple "thinks the benefits of the antenna design outweigh the issue it causes." We'll have to wait and see "if potential iPhone 4 buyers agree that it's no big deal."
"Jobs: Apple will give away iPhone 4 cases"

It's time to move on: "Apple has made it clear that it would like to take care of its customers and to amend the situation," says Christina Warren in Mashable. And it's giving away products for free to prove that. So why are we still pestering them about this minor issue? Get over it.
"Apple's iPhone 4 strategy: Free cases for all"

Besides, most iPhone 4 buyers have not even noted the controversy: Though the "free case solution" makes complete sense, and, based on the data, will resolve the issue, says Paul Miller in Engadget, it will still only "satisfy some" and "infuriate others." It's worth pointing out, however, that the "Antennagate" problem will likely "never even blip onto the radar of many of the massive horde of consumers" who have "devoured this product in unprecedented numbers."
"Apple to give away free cases to iPhone 4 customers"